Monday, September 5, 2011

We are ready for Football Season! Are you?? Check out our Facebook bage to see the latest Doornaments made just for your favorite team! Click here to see the latest Doornaments

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter, Spring & Summer.... Just the begining!

We have been slow on our blogging, and for that I apologize. But, we do have good news... Lots of good news actually. The Spring and Easter Doornaments are here, and they are dynamite! You have got to see our new mesh cross creations. They are so unique and fabulous, if we do say so ourselves. We also have the cutest personalized Easter beach pails, with liners that double as a drawstring bag!!! Yes you read right! What is better than having an Easter basket that you can actually use at the beach this summer?? The fact that they are absolutely adorable, at such a great price really makes them a steal in our book. We also offer a variety of baskets and other pails, be sure to take a look for yourself! We will post pail colors, fonts, and fabric choices soon, as well as additional example photos shortly!  Email us at, or comment on our post if you are interested in ordering.
Oh, and one more thing... be sure to check out our new website, which just went live this week. Soon you will be able to order online and everything!! We want you to see it at the beginning stages, and watch it grow to the mac daddy of a website we have plans for!

Easter & Spring Delightful Doornaments:
You can add a Burlap shape (monogrammed) to any 45.00 wreath for only 5.00!
Burlap options: Bunny, Chick, Tulip, Egg

Small Wreaths 40.00, Large 45.00 
Any center item in wreath is 5.00 additional dollars

 The Cross Collection:

And now a preview of the pails:
With drawstring bag pail liner - $20
w/o liner - $15
Includes bow & personalization


We promise not to wait to long before posting more pics. It will be within a few days for sure!
Email us if you have any questions, comments or just to say hi @
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The latest & greatest in the Doornaments world..... Brace yourself!

Hi everyone! Below are the latest Doornaments that we have been working on. Email us soon if you are interested in getting one this Mardi Gras season. They are selling like hot cakes!!! Thanks everyone!!

Mardi Gras # 12

Mardi Gras # 13

Mardi Gras # 14

 We are now excited to announce
 Doornaments Door Decor!
Custom door decorations & installation for every holiday and season

Email us at for more information.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The latest Mardi Gras Doornaments...

Although we think all of our doornments possess a cuteness factor like no other, we can't help but think these next few Madri Gras wreaths are our best ones yet!!! Email us if you see anything that tickles your fancy. We just got a ton of fabulous new things in. See for yourself!

Mardi Gras # 10

Mardi Gras # 11

Coming up next: A complete doornaments decor door.
You won't want to miss it! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

CUTE Mardi Gras Doornaments!!

Ok, now we are really getting started! Below are pics of the latest Mardi Gras Doornaments, all of which are ready  to decorate the door they were meant for! Each one has its own uniqueness to it, which makes them to hard to pass up. They are going fast so get yours before they are all gone!! 

Check them out and let us know, if your door needs to be decorated with one you see below:
They are all ready to go! 

Mardi Gras # 5

Mardi Gras # 6

Mardi Gras # 7

Mardi Gras # 8

Mardi Gras # 9

Stay tuned ..... more unique Mardi Gras Doornaments coming soon!
 Contact us @

We will talk to you again shortly!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mardi Gras Doornaments continued ...

Hello everyone!! Sorry we have been slacking on getting pictures up... we have been working hard to get them all made so everyone can start enjoying their Mardi Gras doornament. Below are a few that are ready to go! Email us if you are interested in purchasing one, they are all 45.00. We are going to start numbering the holiday wreaths (i.e. Mardi Gras..) , rather than naming them. 
Although we love the cute names, its just going to be a lot easier to stay organized this way!

 Here we go with Mardi Gras doornaments #1 - 4:

Mardi Gras #1

Mardi Gras #2

Mardi Gras #3

Mardi Gras #4

Check out this St. Patrick's Day doornament - Every door needs one!!

Stay tuned... More coming soon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few more Mardi Gras Doornaments...

we can add lights to any doornament for 5.00

CUTE Wreath! (ugly door..)

Polka dot Parade Doornament $45.00

A Valentine's Day Doornament ....

Welcome to Doornaments!  

What is a doornament? You may be asking... A doornament is an ornament for your door, that adds just a little sparkle. It adds that WOW factor we all want. Doornaments are hand made unique wreaths. These wreaths will have cars on your street reversing to look at and your neighbors jealous! They can be custom made in any colors, or for any occasion you wish. i.e. Baby shower, Birthday, Just Married etc. We are so excited to be able to share our fabulous deco mesh wreaths and future ideas with you. Mardi Gras season is near, and the Mardi Gras doornaments are here!!

Email us @ doornaments or comment on our blog post to order. We will be posting new pics of the ones we are currently working on, very shortly. If you don't already like us on facebook, please do! We love to know our people. Check back regularly, because there are bright glittery Easter eggs in doornament's future!!

Below are some examples we have made so far, order your custom made 
Mardi Gras doornament today.

Mardi Gras Wreaths (doornament) 45.00
We can add lights for 5.00 to any wreath

 A special sports doornament request.... Email us for details on having a wreath made to show support for your favorite team!!